Pobelter pops off, leads CLG past TSM for second win of LCS Spring Split

Well, this was unexpected. After a huge performance by Eugene “Pobelter” Park, Counter Logic Gaming has found their second win of the season against a stumbling TSM squad.

CLG hasn’t had many games to brag about this spring, after going 1-9 through the first five weeks of the new year. Recently, however, the team decided to switch out Lee “Crown” Min-ho for Pobelter—and that decision made all the difference today.

Pobelter took over on Viktor, finding great ultimate chances and picking out multiple TSM players during teamfights. He ended the game with four kills, six assists, and over 400 creep score to boot. It’s clear that his addition has given the rest of the roster more direction, since he is one of the most experienced players on the team.

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