Overwatch: President of Houston Outlaws Leaves the Team

Chris DeAppolonio, President of Houston Outlaws, announced on Twitter he’s no longer with the team and is looking for new opportunities.

As the Overwatch League season comes to a halt due to the coronavirus, Houston Outlaws undergoes major management changes. Earlier this week, the team lost two senior managers: Matt “flame” Rodriguez and Adam “MESR” De La Torre, respectively General Manager and Facilities and Operations Manager. Now, it’s the President of Houston Outlaws, Chris DeAppolonio, who is leaving the ship.

Houston Outlaws was originally founded by Infinite Esports, who were acquired by Immortals Gaming Club; the owner of Los Angeles Valiant.

In 2019, Immortals Gaming Club sold the Houston Outlaws to the Beasley Broadcast Group, a radio broadcasting company in the United States. DeAppolonio previously served as the Executive VP/Partnerships of Infinite Esports. The Outlaws’ previous owners, Immortals Gaming Club, purchased Infinite earlier this summer. As the team now belongs to Beasley Broadcast Group, the company continues its staff cleanup, thanking DeAppolonio for his service.

There is currently no information available on who will take DeAppolonio’s role at the head of Houston Outlaws. The same goes for the General Manager and Facilities and Operations Manager positions, previously held by Matt “flame” Rodriguez and Adam “MESR” De La Torre.


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