Overwatch Halloween Terror 2020 guide – Daily Esports

It’s October, and Overwatch is celebrating its annual Halloween Terror event. The event includes all-new cosmetic items, new game modes in the arcade, and special event rewards. Here’s everything that’s new and how to get the most out of the event.

Halloween Terror cosmetic items

As always with the Halloween Terror event in Overwatch, there are a plethora of new skins, sprays, voice lines, and other cosmetic items to collect. Here’s a list of the new Legendary skins that you can get in loot boxes or for 3,000 in-game currency:

  • Shin-Ryeong D.Va
  • Karasu-Tengu Genji
  • Dai-Tengu Hanzo
  • Flying Dutchman Sigma
  • Werewolf Winston

You can also get three exclusive epic skins by winning games. Winning nine games each week during the event will reward you a skin that you can’t get any other way. Here are the skins:

  • Fantasma Sombra
  • Stone Brigitte
  • Ragdoll Echo

You will also get icons and sprays for winning three and six games during these weeks. All past Halloween Terror cosmetic items will be available until the end of the event as well.

Arcade game modes

In addition to the new cosmetic items, special Halloween Terror game modes will be playable in the arcade. Players will be able to take on Junkenstein’s Revenge in three different modes: Classic Junkenstein’s Revenge, Endless mode, and Challenge Missions. Players can earn special cosmetic content and loot boxes by completing challenges in these game modes.

Competitive Team Deathmatch is also coming to the Arcade during Halloween Terror. Players will have to play in 10 placement matches to get a skill rating, and then they can play to climb the ladder. You can earn Competitive Points and special icons by playing this mode.

Be sure to check out Overwatch‘s Halloween Terror event and get those exclusive rewards. The event goes from now until November 3. Let us know what your favorite skins and cosmetics from the event are in the comments below.

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