Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Season 16 to be "Rise of Assassins" – Hanzo, Natalia, & Lancelot reworked

The ranked season is coming to a close for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and that means new content should be making its way into the space soon. Season 16 will kick off on March 20th and bring about a “Rise of Assassins.”

Due to the low use rate and complaints of the difficulty of the assassins, Moonton is reworking the assassins.

Hanzo, Natalia, and Lancelot are all seeing pretty significant changes. Hanzo’s is a complete rework, however, with every skill in his arsenal being adjusted.

Natalia has been optimized for “better ganking and mobility,” the season preview video states. Her ultimate will trigger Assassin Instinct, concealing her immediately. Alongside a couple other changes, Natalia will be worth checking out in the new season.

Finally, Lancelot has been given a new passive effect that will increase his damage for four seconds after every charge he does.

These changes should help to bring the Assassins back into the light. The reworks will certainly draw people to give them a shot and then it’s just a matter of working out whether or not the changes are enough to make them maintain their appeal in both casual and competitive.

Regardless, Season 16 should be a good one and it will be interesting to see what other changes come with it.

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