Just Error manage only two wins in total at EPIC League as they are eliminated by Alliance

EPIC League’s Division 2 would see a huge series today as both Alliance and Just Error were hoping to avoid elimination in the lower bracket, after both teams were unable to remain in the Division 1 event.

After Just Error decided to replace Syed “SumaiL” Hassan for
the remainder of the EPIC League Division 2 playoff event, with Roman “Resolut1on”
Fominok temporarily taking his place, the team were hoping to finally show some
great performances. However, after losing to Live to Win yesterday, the team
would have to fight through the lower bracket, starting with having to take
down an Alliance squad hoping to return to some semblance of form.

When the two teams first met in the group stage of Division 1, it was Just Error who were able to claim one of their two victories in the event, although Alliance were able to put up a decent fight. Today begun a bit differently with a brilliant victory from Alliance in the first game after an absolute bloodbath which saw a total of 74 kills over the 33-minutes in game. Needing a win to stay in the event, JE did not look great as game two begun. It was another absolute bloodbath, with over 80 kills through the period and Alliance claiming the bigger share.

Although Just Error tried their hardest to turn things
around completely, it was nowhere near enough to fight the Alliance lineup as
they fell to a 0-2 loss. With the win, Alliance move forward in the EPIC League
Division 2 lower bracket, joining Spider Pigzs, who were able to eliminate the
ex-Ninjas in Pyjamas squad of Chicken Fighters earlier today. For JE, their
poor start to the group stage of Division 1 ends in them being eliminated in
Division 2 of the event, securing only two series wins.

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