HUNDEN confirms that he won't coach MAD Lions after getting benched

It’s only been a day since MAD Lions’ former captain, Nicolai “HUNDEN” Petersen, was benched, but rumors already started to circulate about his possible plans for the future. The 28-year-old veteran confirmed, however, that he isn’t going to be coaching the team moving forward.

After confirming that the team had benched him, HUNDEN also said that he was discussing a move to a managerial role within the team. Many people interpreted this as a switch to coaching, but the in-game leader denied this as well. He explained that he was “burned out by the end of [his] time with the team,” and that he wishes the team the best of luck.

Internal issues were cited as the cause for HUNDEN’s sudden removal, especially after MAD Lions were eliminated from the recent IEM Katowice tournament with two early losses to Evil Geniuses and mousesports.

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