Here are the benefits of the leashless jungle path that’s gaining steam in the LEC

The era of leashing your jungler may become a thing of the past.

League of Legends YouTuber Shakarez broke down the new leashless jungle path used by top-tier LEC junglers G2 Esports Jankos and Fnatic Selfmade. Today’s video focuses on the advantages of starting Wolves and how it benefits the team as a whole.

“Wolves are also a fairly easy camp to clear solo,” Shakarez said. “Having a leashless start allows players to go to lane immediately and set up.”

With Jankos’ Pantheon starting Wolves against SK Gaming in week six, his bot laners were able to go to lane early and dominate with the powerful Taliyah and Thresh duo. Caps and Mikyx got an early XP lead and hit level two first, zoning their opponents from the minion wave.

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