G2 Jankos has pentakill stolen by cheeky Yuumi Q

It seems no matter what League of Legends rank you’re in, you can’t escape the BM of your teammates.

G2 Esports jungler Jankos was robbed of a pentakill during his Twitch broadcast yesterday, deflating any hope of solo queue stardom.

The Polish pro quickly mopped up two kills on Rek’Sai with the help of Yuumi’s Zoomies (E), which allowed Jankos to close the gap. With Rek’Sai’s passive picking up the footsteps of two more enemies, the jungler burrowed and flashed to reach his victims. Since both opponents were low, a Furious Bite (E) delivered the final blow on Senna and three quick Queen’s Wrath (Q) autos took out Lee for the quadrakill.

All that was left was an Ornn that found himself on the wrong side of the Rift.

“I’m coming,” Jankos announced prematurely. “Penta.”

Yuumi initially helped the cause, speeding up Jankos’ Rek’Sai to get to the Ornn before he could kill himself from tower shots. A smite was enough to slow The Fire Below the Mountain before Jankos began his assault. But a canceled auto attack would be his doom.

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