FlyQuest, UoL eliminated from Worlds, Quarterfinals teams announced

FlyQuest had made it far in this year’s League of Legends World Championship, and the North American team ended on a good note after counting some victories in today’s matches. The group D team had lost their first game with DRX but found the motivation to play and win against Top Esports and Unicorns of Love. In the end, these wins weren’t enough to keep them in the race, and both Unicorns of Love and FlyQuest went home, leaving the final two teams to move forward to Quarterfinals.

NA’s final hope

The first game between FlyQuest and DRX was a close one, as FlyQuest was determined to take objectives and have overall map control. Unfortunately, they were no match for DRX as the LCK team pushed for a win at the half-hour mark. The final scores were 2-11, while DRX carried an almost 15,000 gold difference. The following two games motivated FlyQuest to try harder as they showcased effective communication and strong team fights. Unfortunately for Unicorns of Love, they were unable to earn even one victory since the start of groups. FlyQuest defeating them solidified the fact that their Worlds journey was over as they pack up to go home.

UoL and FQ go home

Although FlyQuest had won against both Top Esports and Unicorns of Love, their loss against DRX had prevented them from moving to Quarterfinals. “We didn’t make it out of groups,” shared FlyQuest coach Anand Agarwal, “but immensely proud of how much we accomplished at @FlyQuest this year.”

In the meantime, Top Esports is advancing to Quarterfinals 5-1, along with DRX who are 4-2. The other Quarterfinal contenders are Group C’s Gen.G and Fnatic, Group B’s DAMWON Gaming JD Gaming, and Group A’s Suning and G2 Esports.

The next stage will begin on Thursday, as the Semifinals follow after with 4 winners.

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