Doublelift says he's back after sitting out 3 straight LCS games

The 2020 League of Legends season has been nothing short of tumultuous so far for Team Liquid fans, especially over the last two weeks. The team recently decided to bench star AD carry Doublelift, citing motivation issues as the primary reason for his absence. After losing two games in a row, however, it looks like the 26-year-old might be making a return to the big stage tonight.

Two weeks ago, Doublelift was replaced by Liquid Academy’s Edward “Tactical” Ra after he came down with laryngitis before the weekend’s games. The rookie ADC played surprisingly well in his stead and ultimately helped the team find a victory against TSM.

In that time, Doublelift also came under fire due to his comments about the Spring Split. He said that he should’ve held himself to a higher standard, but “didn’t care” about the split until his team started losing a lot. It was a sentiment that was widespread in the League community but was considered a weak mentality by former pros and analysts.

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