DAMWON beats DRX for the 8th time in a row and carries the Korean crown through Worlds

If the LCK has a remarkable rivalship right now, it is without doubts the one between DRX and DAMWON Gaming, first and second qualified teams in the last Summer Split, and the strongest representatives of the Korean region in the 2020 League of Legends World Championship.

This rivalship has been constant throughout the year. In the Regular Season of the Spring Split, DRX ended in the third position and always managed to win their series against DAMWON, which ended fifth.

These results led them to face each other again in the LCK Spring Playoffs, concretely in round 2 of this stage, and this time DAMWON actually put their enemies in trouble… in the end, DRX managed to win (3-2), but from that moment everything was about to change.


DRX ended the Spring split as 3rd qualified, and DAMWON kept the same fifth position. Nevertheless, in Spring it was DRX who gave better sensations overall.

Actually, two of their players, Chovy and Keria, were chosen among the MVPs of the split, while no one from DAMWON appeared on that list.

Then, the Summer Split came, and the destiny made both teams to increase their rivalry… and gave DAMWON Gaming sweet revenge.

During the Regular Season, the change started happening. DRX won the series in the first round, but not in the second, where they were beaten 0-2.

Both results are very interesting because DAMWON Gaming and DRX qualified 1st and 2nd in the Regular Season, and they only lost 2 and 3 games respectively, which means that their defeats against each other absolutely marked the final results.

In summer, those two teams were the main characters of the LCK, and DAMWON was taking the lead. Actually, two of their players appeared on the MVP list this time, ShowMaker and Canyon, while only Chovy remained from DRX.

Later in the LCK Summer Playoffs, both teams faced each other in the finals… but the storyline had completely changed: DAMWON Gaming destroyed DRX in the Korean finals 3-0, which gave them their revenge, the trophy, and the access to Worlds as the first seed.


DRX, on the other hand, got the second seed at Worlds. It meant that both teams wouldn’t see each other until, at least, the Knockout Stage.

When the Groups Stage finished last Sunday, October 11th, the draw for the Quarter-Finals took place and the remaining eight teams were set in the bracket.

DAMWON Gaming and DRX were set to play the first Quarter-Finals series against each other.

Both teams showed pretty consistent performances during the Groups Stage, but everybody had a clear favorite for this series: DAMWON. And the expectations were accomplished.

The Korean first seed managed to repeat the same result of the LCK Summer Finals, they won again 3-0, and this time DRX seemed to have fewer chances than ever.


DAMWON smashed their rivals, eliminated them from Worlds, and won the 8th game in a row (2-0 in the regular season + 3-0 in the Summer Finals + 3-0 at Worlds).

This rivalship may continue… but there is a clear Champion for now.

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