CSGO streamer that playtested VALORANT says abilities were overused in alpha gameplay video, teleporters in-game, & more

Following the recent reveal of VALORANT (officially) and the alpha footage, Piotr “izakOOO” Skowyrski shared some information regarding the game. The popular CS:GO streamer had been given the opportunity to playtest the game previously and wanted to set right some information he felt was conveyed incorrectly in the alpha gameplay video.

**The quotes are all from a Reddit user who translated it from izakOOO’s live stream.**

One thing, in particular, was the use of the abilities which he claimed seemed very necessary and impactful in the video, but he states “it’s not optimal to use them so much as shown because they are not so good” when compared to “precise aim or good movement.”

According to izakOOO, the abilities are easy to counterplay and easily noticeable. He explains that you can shoot “down wallhack arrow for example, rushing drone deployer, spamming mid-air dart thrower.”

He also reveals that at least one of the maps has two teleporters. “That second map has 2 teleports which as a ct you can travel to second bombsite.” He goes on to say that you can only do it once, so once you go through the portal, you can’t go back through it.

He went on to discuss similarities in weapon options and shooting between VALORANT and CS:GO before also mentioning what he viewed as the downsides.

The movement is a little too slow in his opinion and the maps are too flat. This is feedback he most likely passed on to the developers and things that could potentially get fixed or players could get accustomed to. Since we don’t know how many hours players were able to pour into the game, it could be more of an assimilation pain.

You can read the full Reddit post with more details down below.

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