BLAST Premier Fall Finals team list

The teams set to participate in the BLAST Premier Fall Finals are confirmed. FURIA and mousesports were the last two teams to find themselves qualified for the event thanks to their performances at the BLAST Premier Fall Showdown where they defeated Liquid and Cloud9 in the final stages.

The event will have $425,000 up for grabs and feature eight teams in a double-elimination, best-of-three bracket. Scheduled to take place from December 8th-13th, the Fall Finals’ victor will walk away with $225,000 in their pockets alongside a place in the BLAST Premier Global Finals.

Vitality and Natus Vincere are simply playing for the cash and reputation, however, as they have already earned their spots in the Global Finals thanks to previous finishes for the lineups. Vitality finished runner-up at the Spring Europe finals while Na’Vi has secured their spot via the BLAST leaderboard. Given their position on the leaderboard, should Na’Vi win the event they will swap their qualification to that and therefore give up the leaderboard spot.

The final team list for BLAST Premier Fall Finals:

  • OG
  • Vitality
  • G2
  • BIG
  • Natus Vincere
  • Astralis
  • mousesports

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