Beginner's guide to watching the LCS and LEC

Whether you’re a sports fan looking to enter the world of esports or you’re a gamer fresh to the League of Legends scene, the LCS and LEC are here for your viewing entertainment. But there are several details you should know about the game and esports scene before diving in.

League has become a game full of intricacies and complex strategies that teams will learn and practice for hours on end. And as a new spectator, it can get confusing.

We’ve put together a guide to understanding basic components of the game that should make the viewing experience a little easier to start.

How to watch the LCS/LEC

All LCS and LEC matches are streamed on the LCS’ Twitch channel, LEC Twitch channel, YouTube, and during game days. 

If this is your first time tuning into the LCS or LEC, is going to be your one-stop shop for information regarding the regions. The current standings, full schedule, VODs of previous games, and additional side content can be found on this site. You can even check out other regions, like the LPL (China) or LCK (Korea).

When to tune in


The LCS returns this Saturday, March 21 at 4pm CT. Below is the LCS schedule for this weekend. 

Saturday, March 21 

4pm CT – TSM vs. Golden Guardians

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