APC by Schneider Electric on its investments in Brazilian esports – The Esports Observer

After sponsoring the World Electronic Sports Games (WESG) tournament in Latin America, American electric equipment company APC, owned by the French group Schneider Electric, announced its sponsorship of the female Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and male Free Fire and Rainbow Six Siege teams of W7M Gaming, a Brazilian esports organization held by W7M Investments Group. 

The Esports Observer spoke to Schneider Electric sales director Kenia Paim about investment.

“We follow the enthusiasm of Brazilians in electronic sports,” she said. “Several national teams are competing at the highest level worldwide in different categories, and a legion of fans supporting them. We want to be part of this universe helping them to avoid material losses or frustration for losing a game due to lack of energy.”

The promotion of products and equipment will be a strong element of the company’s message to the esports community. The deal with W7M Gaming granted that, besides the sponsorship fee, the company will also develop a UPS line and make it available to the teams. W7M esports director Felipe Funari said that it is important for teams to protect their investment in equipment.

The APC by Schneider Electric brand will be displayed on team jerseys, in live stream overlays, and also in special content to be published by W7M. Neither financial details nor contract length was disclosed. Paim said that “the message will always be to remember the importance and benefits of having a UPS considered in the setup.”

Regarding the choice of W7M as the first Brazilian esports organization to be sponsored by APC, Paim told TEO that WESG LATAM “was a very enlightening experience that allowed us to be more ambitious in this segment. We got to know W7M through an advertising agency [TEO learned it was the AD.EZ agency, focused on gaming content] and, after meeting them, we believed in the project and in the people that make the organization.”

“Our purpose is to guarantee the continuity of the digital experience. We do this for data centers, industries, or small businesses, the logical path was to bring this expertise and investment to the end consumer,” she said.

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