Another loss for mudgolems puts them in danger of relegation at EPIC League Division 1

EPIC League Division 1 kicked off again today with the group
stage almost at an end and many teams fighting to avoid the dreaded relegation
zone – with mudgolems and Natus Vincere starting the proceedings for the day.

After a few days’ break, the EPIC League was back to its Division
1 group stage action with only nine series before we head to the playoffs – and
see two teams demoted to the second division event. While no teams would
outright be demoted today, mudgolems were in a precarious position as they went
into their penultimate series of their group stage run, facing Na’Vi. A loss
for mg would see them relying on other teams if they wanted to survive in Division
1, but Na’Vi were looking deadly lately, although sitting in mid-table.

Sven has quickly become one of the strongest heroes in Dota
2, either being banned by teams across the world or picked up and causing chaos
across the map – with Na’Vi doing the latter in game one. Although the entire Na’Vi
roster are still technically all playing on a trial basis, that has not stopped
them from showing some fantastic skill in recent times. Alik “V-Tune” Vorobey
was at the head of the scoreboard today with a 15-1-7 Sven which helped secure
a series lead for the squad.

Game two was much of the same, with mg trying their absolute
best to keep up with the unstoppable V-Tune Juggernaut – but not even an Alchemist
from Oliver “Skiter” Lepko could keep too far ahead as Na’Vi rolled over their
opponents in a little over half an hour to secure a 2-0 victory.

While mudgolems are not relegated just yet, they have one series
remaining tomorrow against Team Liquid, which will decide their fate. For Na’Vi,
their have two series remaining over the coming days, with tomorrow,
before Team Secret to close out the group stages of EPIC League Division 1.

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