Alliance defeat OG 2-1; become the first team to qualify for the ESL One Germany playoffs

Alliance came back from a game down to defeat OG 2-1 in their ESL One Germany series. The ESL One Germany format for the group stages is a modification of the Swiss-system format. Any team that wins three series goes ahead while any team that suffers three loses is eliminated. Both teams went in with a record of 2-0 and Alliance came out of it with their third win in the group stages.

We are the first team in the playoffs! Super performance by the squad gives us a 3-0 in the group stage!?
GG's @OGesports!#LongLiveAlliance #ESLOne

OG dominated game 1 with their Phantom Assassin – Magnus combination. OG went for an unorthodox offlane Lina, which worked out for them. Alliance’s position 5 Omniknight did not pay dividends. In game 2, OG tried the same combo, but this time, Alliance were ready for it. Nikobaby’s trademark Morphling dominated the game to make it 1-1, and Ceb’s offlane Silencer did not have the impact OG would have hoped. In the last game, Alliance just rolled with the momentum they had garnered to ensure OG’s Arc Warden didn’t have enough time and space to be a nuisance. The Faceless Void – Zeus combo worked out quite well for them, with Nature’s Prophet adding to the global damage.

You've just activated our trap card!#LongLiveAlliance #ESLOne

Alliance now wait in the playoffs while OG are still one series away from a place in the playoffs. The group stages end on the 28th of October while the playoffs begin on the 23rd of October. The playoffs will feature 12 of the 16 teams. Four teams will be eliminated from the group stages, four will make it to the lower bracket of the playoffs while the top eight will be rewarded with a place in the upper bracket.

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